Important points to remember before you choose your video editing software!


Do you think video editing is comparatively easy than others? Well, you are on the wrong side of notion. It is indeed a tough combination of hard work, creativity, and a competitive video editing software and a proper choice of the latter can produce a mind blowing edited video. When you are utter confused about how to choose the perfect editing software, these tips might help you.

  • Your choice of video editing software must offer multi camera support with different codecs and frame rates.
  • It must enable multiple users to work on different layered PSD’s.
  • The timeline of the editing suites must be easy to use.
  • The database must be huge in order to accommodate large amount of data.
  • The media management must be good so that you can choose the best clip of your choice after watching each video and for that you must not need to click several times.
  • You must be able to create great effect with the software and the adjustment layers must be capable of applying the same effect across different clips. This relieves you from nesting video sequences.
  • Copying clips must be easier with the software. 
Author : Albert Jermi.
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A Few Easy Tips to Escape From Background Noise


Don’t you feel irritated by the background noise of the consumer camcorders in spite of the good video quality it offers? Just imagine how it feels to see a mesmerizing sunset with a buzzing sound behind! Here are few tips to control the background noises before and while shooting.

  • For outdoor shooting, it is difficult to control background noise. However, you can talk closely or cover the microphone while talking.
  • For the indoor shoots, noise control is possible by blocking doors and windows.
  • You can use carpets and curtains which act as absorbers of background noise.
  • Switching off any appliance that creates noise or keeping noisy kids, adults or pets out of the room minimizes the noise a lot.
  • If a technical error is found out, recording must be stopped and you should fix it immediately. This reduces the dependency on the software.
  • Microphone is a very important device to control background noise. As per your requirement you can choose an omni directional or a directional microphone can help you a lot.
  • Sometimes, you cannot control the background noise despite of your repeated attempts. In that case, you can use audio editing software during post production which helps to increase audio levels.

Author : Albert Jermi

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How to write a mind blowing dissertation!


Do you often find it hard to prepare for a mind blowing dissertation of your research work? Do you get butterflies in your stomach in front of the bespectacled dissertation committee? Here are few tips to come up with a spellbound defense.

  1. It is important to have a sound knowledge about the topic. Always remember the people in the evaluation committee know 100% times more than you, so you might expect questions from any area on the topic. So go through every hairline details of your dissertation in order answer spontaneously. 
  2. As a rehearsal, you can choose some reliable friends and present your topic in front of them. In absence, you can stand in front of the mirror. This will give you some more confidence.
  3. If you face some unknown questions, politely accept your ignorance. Most of the people try to justify their wrong answers and invite trouble for themselves.
  4. Attire matters a lot. A suitable dress code can create a lot of initial impression that may last long.
  5. Be confident in your speech, and control your body language.
  6. Attitude comes before aptitude. A right attitude than a sharp intellect, can win over iron hearts.